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Birth work is amazing and challenging! 
Every doula deserves support and guidance from an experienced mentor whose been there, done that, and wants to share it all with you. I've worked as a doula for over 18 years, attended 500 births (and still counting), trained as a homebirth midwife, teach in a doula and midwifery program, and work in private practice as a counselor specializing in the childbearing years. I'd love to nurture your doula journey.


Have you ever wished for a trusted doula mentor who you could regularly turn to for guidance, information, encouragement, and wisdom? Together we can build a mentoring relationship that fits your individual needs and nurtures your unique doula style and professional goals.

Birth Processing

Some births challenge us in unexpected ways. If you’re looking for a safe place to process a recent birth experience, sift through the emotions, generate ideas on how to approach similar situations in the future, and work on self-care strategies, I’m here to listen and offer professional guidance.

Case Supervision

Exploring client cases and birth scenarios with an experienced mentor is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge, effectiveness, and confidence as a doula. Case supervision offers insight into current clients and direction on how to individualize your doula support for their specific circumstances. 

All Services

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Brooke Noli

2207 NE Broadway

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Phone: 971.645.1180